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Smart Digital Marketing for Private Schools

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A digital marketing strategy for private education institution should focus on connecting with the customer at every stage of the buying cycle. Most of your potential students and their parents Read More

Is Google+ Still Relevant?

Since its creation, Google+ has had difficulty really catching on. Because of this, Google has been focusing on listening to user feedback. You may have noticed recently that Google+ has Read More

Our “Big Idea” for Alaska, It’s time to lead the conversation

Alaska is a place of big ideas! We have a history of tenacious leadership against all odds. Walter Hickel was one of the visionaries who played a major role in Read More

4 Social Media Trends To Get on Board With

Social media is an ever-changing entity that requires a lot of attention to keep up with. According to Statista, 73% of Americans have some sort of social network profile. Though Read More

10 Tips For Optimizing Your Social Presence

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, whatever your favorite – All of these social media platforms are very important to, not only individuals socially, but successful businesses as well. Just as all businesses Read More

The Connected CEO

Is it Important for CEOs to be Active on Social Media?  My answer to this question is a resounding YES! Social media is here to stay and is only becoming Read More

BEACON Media + Marketing is Alaska’s first HubSpot partner and reseller

Contact: J[email protected] 907-563-6008 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BEACON Media + Marketing is Alaska’s first HubSpot partner and reseller. Anchorage, AK (July 2, 2013) – BEACON Media + Marketing announces it’s partnership Read More

Are You Easily Pinfluenced?

No doubt your company has made themselves known on Facebook by now. Maybe you’ve even ventured further and created a Twitter account? If you just nodded your head yes then Read More

Put the Graphic Into Infographic

We are a visual society that consumes digital data at an insane rate. One of the best ways to communicate large amounts of data is an infographic. Offer precise and Read More

5 Steps Towards Social Media Success on Facebook in 2013

One of my favorite quotes is by none other than the late Zig Ziglar. He said: “A goal properly set is halfway reached.” The longer I’m in the field of Read More