#ShineYourLight – Eddie P.

Jordan Inks February 20, 2018

Eddie Parker, better known as “Eddie P.” is a long-time veteran of Alaska radio and TV. Eddie P. is on KFAT Live (with Lugnut and Eddie P.) in the mornings, and the Owner and Host (a.k.a. “VJ”) of The Venue, a music television program featuring local artists on Saturday nights. He also MCs for various events and organizations around town.

Eddie says he got into the media field by mistake: “I was working at CARRS, in the deli, making pizzas” he says, “when I was asked to audition for Catch 22 Music TV. They hired me that night, and immediately I was on air.”

What started as a “mistake” soon became a mission. “Radio and TV are great mediums for doing positive things in the community,” Eddie says, “If there is a cause that I am close to, I can help connect people to make things happen. I have had the privilege to work with the DOT, the Department of Labor, Anchorage’s Promise & Kid’s Day, the Boys & Girls Club, Bean’s Cafe, The Children’s Lunchbox, and more. My mission is to educate┬ábecause education is power.”


Jordan Inks, Writer + Editor

Jordan moved to Alaska from the East Coast in 2009 with her family. Years later, she is still a running commentary on the beauty of The Last Frontier! Jordan studied Entrepreneurship at a small, private college in Western Pennsylvania, which is where she discovered a passion for digital marketing. She enjoys putting that passion to work as Junior Editor at Beacon! Jordan's hobbies currently include cooking, reading, and graphic design, but she is happiest when trying new things.

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