#ShineYourLight – Amie Haakenson

Jordan Inks February 9, 2018

Have you ever met someone and thought, “Wow, I want to be her when I grow up?” Our interview with Amie Haakenson was one of those moments. Amie volunteers (heavily) with over 25 organizations in the Anchorage community, she has a personal mission statement, and she backs it all up with the belief that it takes a community to accomplish great things.

Amie began volunteering in her local community in elementary school, and she has been giving back ever since. Today, she is best known for her work with the Fur Rondy, the American Heart Association, The Salvation Army, Bean’s Cafe and AK Rhinestone, a sorority of service. Her personal mission is to engage youth in their local communities, teaching them that the good that happens doesn’t happen on its own. Her goal is to inspire them to become involved in the hopes of igniting a fire in America. She starts with her own children–raising them to give back as she does.

When asked about her impact, Amie says: “I get notes all the time from parents, teens and young adults about the causes I represent, saying, ‘I had no idea there was a need for this or that people were doing something about it.’ Parents are seeing a difference in their youth–Engaged in a cause, they are working harder to get their homework done to have time to be a part of something greater.”

Thank you for shining your light, Amie!


Jordan Inks, Writer + Editor

Jordan moved to Alaska from the East Coast in 2009 with her family. Years later, she is still a running commentary on the beauty of The Last Frontier! Jordan studied Entrepreneurship at a small, private college in Western Pennsylvania, which is where she discovered a passion for digital marketing. She enjoys putting that passion to work as Junior Editor at Beacon! Jordan's hobbies currently include cooking, reading, and graphic design, but she is happiest when trying new things.

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