Website Hosting & Maintenance

Website maintenance and support are a passion of ours. We utilize several special tools that monitor all the websites we host, alerting us immediately of any issues, whether they are DNS or WordPress related. We also have multiple backup systems in place and are able to restore any site within minutes of being compromised. Leaving a website down is not an option. Our web department has a history of heroic efforts to ensure uninterrupted service.

Hosting & Maintenance Features

Starting at just $69/month, you can expect the following:

  • Version Management that keeps your site up-to-date and state-of-the-art.
  • Security Hardening from the hardware up with supreme level hosting and expert configurations.
  • Uptime Monitoring to notify us of any problem right away.
  • Lightning Fast Download Speeds on servers specially built for your site.
  • Multiple Daily Backups in multiple places that give your site powerful redundancy protection.
  • Application Testing to make sure your site is working even if automated methods don’t reveal a problem.
  • Up to one hour of time per quarter for minor website revisions (updated text, images, etc).
  • And we’re on-call and ready to help with any issues you might experience or questions you have with the site.


“I am so ridiculously pleased with the above and beyond level of service I received I don’t even have words. I find the staff at Beacon easy to communicate with and pleasurable in general. I am grateful for the role they play in Anchorage marketing…”
Opal Letendre


We also offer custom website development packages specific to your needs. Please contact us for a specialized quote. To view some of our past work, check out our Portfolio!