Website Development

Your website is more than just the face of your business. It’s a medium for communicating, showcasing your industry expertise and establishing your presence. It needs to be visually engaging, and full of dynamic content that turns visitors into customers.

At BEACON we are experts in SEO. We’ll draw visitors and track them all the way up to your door. We’ll create an editorial calendar for keeping your content fresh and fun, and cross-post blogs and podcasts across other social media platforms.

Our Work Speaks For Itself

As to the quality of our work, we think it speaks for itself. Go to our portfolio to check out some examples.

How We Do It

Here’s the breakdown of the process:

Phase 1: The Creative Brief

This is like a profile all about your business. We’ll start by sitting down and interviewing you and learning about every aspect of your business. We’ll get the 10,000-foot view, as well as some of the nitty gritty details about your past and current marketing techniques.

Phase 2: The Research

Next, our designers and marketing experts will go through the creative brief and do a ton of research on your industry, your competitors, and your audience. This helps us figure out what design elements and content pieces are most important for your website.

Phase 3: The Brainstorm

Now we get our experts together, and we talk about everything we’ve learned: what we’ve learned about you, your industry, and your competitors. We talk about what is working and what isn’t for each of those realms and then formulate the plan for your website as the focal point of all your marketing efforts.

Phase 4: The Content

At this point, we’ll start the process of collecting and writing the specific content for your site. This is a very important part of the process, as what you say on the site, can make the difference between a customer calling you, or bouncing off of your site and going to your competitors.

Phase 5: The Development

When it is time to code, we develop it with all the latest best practices and standards. This is a huge part of the process where we build out your site from scratch and set it up on a test server. Once we have it developed and on a test server we’ll run it through our experts to make sure everyone agrees that it holds up to our highest standards before we send it over to you for a review.

Phase 6: Your Turn

Now we’ve built your product, we hand it off to you to review before it goes live on the web.

We also offer custom website development packages specific to your needs. Please contact us for a specialized quote. To view some of our past work, check out our Portfolio!