Inbound Marketing

The basis of any online presence is a sound content strategy. With Facebook, Yelp, Pinterest, Twitter and more, the online world has become not only a place for your business to communicate its message but also a realm where you interact with your customers.

Online communication is a two-way conversation; not only can you share with your customers, but you can also receive and respond to their feedback. A consistent conversation builds brand loyalty and return customers.

We provide strategies for Facebook, and other social media outlets and will monitor your online reputation for any negative feedback. We can generate exciting and relevant content in the form of blogs and status updates. We are also happy to edit your own content, whether it is a printed menu, a Facebook update, or your website.

Social media is the new medium for businesses to engage with customers, build brand awareness, and attract new clients. It is not only a great way for customers to establish a connection with you, but it also creates an environment in which you can better understand your clients’ needs, allowing you to tailor your brand’s message directly to a target audience, in real time. 

At BEACON, we create exciting content and work with your target demographics to attract leads and drive traffic to your website. 

We have a history of demonstrating the value of social media. We will launch a social media campaign, monitor the ongoing results and participate in the ongoing dialogue with your customers. 




What is the purpose of our social media and inbound marketing campaign? How do we know six months from now if the campaign has been successful? We focus on two primary goals and identify the metrics that will determine if we have achieved them.


Who is your target audience? What are their hobbies, their interests? What do they do when they aren’t working? We take great care to define who we are trying to reach with our inbound marketing so we can tailor our content to them. Building this profile ensures a higher return on your marketing dollar.


We pull together the data mentioned above along with additional research into industry trends and your competitors to put together your customized marketing strategy.

EDITORIAL CALENDAR: A pivotal piece of the marketing strategy, the editorial calendar guides our content creators and ensures we have consistency as we move toward achieving the campaign goals.

BRANDING GUIDELINES: Another another key piece to the marketing strategy is the branding guidelines we put together. If you already have brand standards, we will work those into this process. But our goal is to create a standard for the visual piece of your digital marketing to further ensure consistency and expedite achieving your marketing goals.


This phase closes with you getting a chance to review and approve everything before it gets implemented.


Now the rubber hits the road and we put the plan into place. In this phase, we implement the various pieces of the approved plan. We generate content, post, engage, promote, blog, and tweak as needed. We stay on top of emerging trends and bring them into the plan as needed.


As we go, we constantly monitor the data resulting from our efforts, ensuring we know we are on track for achieving the campaign goals. If for any reason we see that pieces of the marketing strategy are not productive, we make adjustments to optimize it.


We provide easy access to web-based analytics so you can view at any time how the marketing is going. Essentially we can track prospect right to your front door.



Benefits Basic
Creation of Facebook Marketing Strategy and set up of Facebook page One-time Fee: $250
Marketing Strategy with Senior Level Staff
Creation and posting of custom, content rich posts on Facebook 5-8 posts per week
Posts will include use of copyrighted photos
Facebook Advertising through promoted posts Optional
(Additional Budget Varies)
Monthly reports showing results of marketing
Newsletters Bi-Weekly Weekly
Custom Landing Pages Per Month 1 Page
SEO Management 2 Hours 3 Hours
Blogs per month 2 Blogs 4 Blogs