The entire world of business communication is changing; modern technology is shifting the paradigm. More and more, the Internet is where prospective clients find and meet you. Your clients want to interact with you, to establish a connection. Traditional “interruption” advertising is rapidly losing its effectiveness for many businesses.

At BEACON, we understand this new face of promotion and are up-to-date on the Internet’s trends. We know how to create an effective website and what it takes to drive traffic to it. We optimize search results and use social media and content marketing to bring people to you and turn them into clients. We develop strong, cohesive company identities. We describe who you are and what you do. We build trusting relationships. We tell your story.

We recognize that TV, radio and print are still effective for branding and keeping people aware of your business, so we also develop traditional campaigns and place them strategically. We strike the balance between traditional marketing tools and emerging Internet trends and techniques.

Customers want to know your story. BEACON knows how to tell it. Websites. Social Media. Blogs. Print. Brands. Advertising.

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