Website Management for ACF

Rob Muller December 13, 2016


When the Alaska Community Foundation contacted us, they were looking for a new web developer to help them create a custom page for their 2015 Annual Report. Through the process of working with them, we discovered that they had been working with a developer previously that was overcharging them and not meeting their expectations with his work. After a successful launch of the 2015 Annual Report, they decided to work with us on managing their existing website.

The Results

We could tell you all day about how good of a job we felt we did, but we feel it is a lot more powerful if it comes directly from the client itself. They were kind enough to write us an extensive testimonial:

We have been working with Beacon Media + Marketing since January of 2016. After ending a difficult year with an outside company that had left our staff frustrated and our website budget inexplicably drained and then some, we were in desperate need of a new company to manage our websites. Beacon Media + Marketing was not only able to provide us with excellent customer service on a budget that was a fraction of what we were previously charged, but they also delivered a much higher quality of work . Their responsiveness, attention to detail, and the depth of their knowledge has made them a joy to work with. They have a dynamic and talented team of individuals who obviously love their work and develop great working relationships with their clients. We would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a local company that delivers high-quality, personalized service to Alaskans.”

– Alexandra, Alaska Community Foundation


simulation of the Alaska Community Foundation 2015 Annual Report Designed and Developed by Beacon Media + Marketing


Rob Muller, VP of Operations

Rob is an Alaskan original, born and raised. He's been building websites since the 90's and has developed a passion for melding order and simplicity with the powerful capabilities that the new online frontier offers. When he's not organizing the Beacon crew to put out another amazing product, he's studying up on UX, Analytics, and programming.