Courtney Moses October 24, 2016

CHALLENGE: UIC is a native-owned corporation that owns quite a few companies on the North Slope. They needed a suite of websites that would convey their brand while selling different products (some completely different, some similar but towards different markets). The website would need to offer an easy to use and attractive interface that allowed it’s visitors to find exactly the information they were looking for while converting them to customers.

SOLUTION: To solve this problem we built clear and concise sites with the same color scheme and similar styles. This really matched each site’s aesthetic while providing clear delineation in the products. The systems used WordPress to make it fast and easy to make changes as they go.

RESULT: In one example, their rooms were nearly completely empty before we started. But after only two months late in the season, they had filled their capacity!



Courtney Moses, Front End Web Developer

Courtney Moses started out as a young padawan of web development under the tutelage of Rob Muller. Since then she has mastered the art of html and css to the point of even surpassing her teacher. Now she scours the internet in search of new tools and technologies to aid her in her battle against the ever present threat of bad web designs.