The Molar Express Car Wrap

Courtney Moses December 12, 2016

The Objective

The marketing objective of the outdoor advertising project was to produce a memorable and humorous message and design that would increase brand awareness for Castable Ceramics. Our strategy was to create a new brand for the wrap that would communicate Castable Ceramics purpose in a lighthearted way.

The Strategy

The Beacon content and creative team began the project with the focus on the messaging and tying the brand into Castable Ceramics and the purpose of a delivery vehicle in a simple, but memorable name. After internal brainstorming, focus group and client approval, “The Molar Express” concept was developed. The Beacon graphic team designed the wrap both incorporating the Castable Ceramics brand standard as well as the new “Molar Express” look and feel.


080316_castableceramics_vehiclewrap_proof-copyThe Results

The Molar Express has just launched in the past week and it’s been a fantastic success for the owner of Castable Ceramics. It has already generated a great deal of conversation and feedback from the dentists as well as the general public.

“The creativity and implementation of the ‘Molar Express’ far exceeded my expectations and I am beyond happy with the results so far. We look forward to incorporating it into other pieces of our marketing.” – Sean Seigel, Owner Castable Ceramics.

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