Courtney Moses October 24, 2016

Winner of AMA merit award

CHALLENGE: SafeT Services was a new brand with a very detailed set of training courses, and a broad range of products and services they offered. The challenge with the site was how to show the visitor all of the services they provide, in an easy to understand step by step story.

SOLUTION: We accomplished this through structured templates of information for each of the classes. It’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for when you know what you want.

And if you don’t know? We built a system highlighted on the front page, and throughout the site, to help direct visitors exactly where they need to go to get started, wherever they are at in their career path.

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Simulation of Beacon Media + Marketing Award Winning Website Design

screenshot of front page of website design by beacon media + marketing


Courtney Moses, Front End Web Developer

Courtney Moses started out as a young padawan of web development under the tutelage of Rob Muller. Since then she has mastered the art of html and css to the point of even surpassing her teacher. Now she scours the internet in search of new tools and technologies to aid her in her battle against the ever present threat of bad web designs.