NorthxNorth Festival

Sarah Testen May 10, 2018

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The second annual North by North Festival was designed to capture the spirit of Alaska and the Arctic. The festival took place over four days and contained separate events such as a film festival, TED-style talks, and musical performances by featured musicians from around the Arctic. All of these elements came together to address the challenges and opportunities with northern innovation, and resilience. The North by North Festival brought innovators from across Alaska, the nation, and other Arctic regions to collaborate and address local and circumpolar challenges that can be addressed with processes and technological innovation. In order to encapsulate each aspect of the festival, a wide variety of familiar Arctic imagery was used. Mountain ranges, fishing, local wildlife, and images from the previous NxN festival drew the audience into what promised to be a vibrant, inspiring, and memorable series of events.


Sarah Testen, Social Media Manager

Sarah, our resident land mermaid, combines the forces of great technical savvy and creative magic in so many ways here at Beacon. As a videographer and photographer, she shows a talent for visual media that brings that magical sparkle to our clients. As our social media manager, she commands the waves of the great seas of Facebook to bring the perfect ads in front of the perfect audiences. When she's not adventuring out into the marketing wilderness here at Beacon she's out adventuring on her own, looking for that perfect picture in the great outdoors.