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Courtney Moses December 14, 2016

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Northern Refrigeration LLC came to us looking for a website that promotes their home heating services. We decided that the best way to accomplish this was by focusing on the benefits their heating provided for Alaskan customers. We showed just how drastic the advantage of a heat pump system could be for a homeowner by using data and infographics.

front page infographics on northern refrigeration llc's website

The infographics we created for their home page.

simulation of northern refrigeration llc's website designed and developed by Beacon Media + Marketing


Courtney Moses, Front End Web Developer

Courtney Moses started out as a young padawan of web development under the tutelage of Rob Muller. Since then she has mastered the art of html and css to the point of even surpassing her teacher. Now she scours the internet in search of new tools and technologies to aid her in her battle against the ever present threat of bad web designs.