Anna’s Alaska: Off the Eaten Path

Sarah Testen June 19, 2017

When Anna Sattler approached us with her Native Alaskan cooking show concept, we couldn’t wait to dig in! We wanted to give Anna something quirky, fun, and inspiring all at the same time. Our most important objective was to reference Anna’s passion for her Yup’ik heritage in a concise and meaningful way. Our design was implemented on her pilot episodes as well as across her social media efforts.

Anna's Alaska Branding


Sarah Testen, Social Media Manager

Sarah, our resident land mermaid, combines the forces of great technical savvy and creative magic in so many ways here at Beacon. As a videographer and photographer, she shows a talent for visual media that brings that magical sparkle to our clients. As our social media manager, she commands the waves of the great seas of Facebook to bring the perfect ads in front of the perfect audiences. When she's not adventuring out into the marketing wilderness here at Beacon she's out adventuring on her own, looking for that perfect picture in the great outdoors.