AIMS 2016 Website Redesign

Courtney Moses December 14, 2016

Winner of AMA merit award


We needed to update the dark design from the previous year and give better front-end information for visitors who weren’t familiar with the event. The design this year needed to be more consistent with the branding guidelines as well.


With the rebranding, we had a new image to work with. Something clean and sharp to reflect the fact that the event was for business professionals. We needed those aspects, but it also needed to have fun and color to reflect the fun, modern feel of social media, since the event focuses on social media marketing. We also added some simple animations on the first tagline you see that helped push the “tech” agenda.


We had overwhelming responses from previous attendees about how much more bright and welcoming the new design was. They stated that the design from the previous year didn’t communicate the energy of the event, but this year’s design mirrored it perfectly.
simulation of website designed and developed by Beacon Media + Marketing
screenshot of the front page of screenshot of speaker page of


Courtney Moses, Front End Web Developer

Courtney Moses started out as a young padawan of web development under the tutelage of Rob Muller. Since then she has mastered the art of html and css to the point of even surpassing her teacher. Now she scours the internet in search of new tools and technologies to aid her in her battle against the ever present threat of bad web designs.