Never before has marketing been so closely tied to technology and never before in human history has technology evolved at such a rapid rate. This combination brings with it a lot of new and unique challenges for professionals in the marketing industry as well as the business world in general.

We provide current education and training for professionals and those looking to increase their knowledge of the changes in modern marketing. Our focus is on not only what is trending, but what is effective and realistic for today’s businesses. There is a constant barrage of information, new words, and terms assaulting our senses every day. We work hard to sort through all of this to distill what you really need for where you and your business might be. Our instruction is based on what we have found to work in real life situations. Our trainers come from the trenches as it were and work with their subject matter in professional environments every day. They know what works and what is not panning out in the real world of business.

Our trainers, Adrienne Wilkerson and Jennifer Christensen are available for public speaking engagements both large and small. We enjoy working closely with small internal departments and speaking at local and national conferences. Please check out each of our speaker’s bios and their focuses.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact Adrienne Wilkerson at 907-563-6008 or at [email protected].