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#ShineYourLight – Donteh DeVoe

#ShineYourLight - Donteh DeVoe

When Donteh DeVoe was a young adult, he didn’t have anyone to guide him on the right path, resulting in some poor choices and ultimately, time spent in prison. Today, he is Read More

Learn to LOVE Negative Reviews

Learn to LOVE negative reviews

“Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” That saying has been making the rounds on playgrounds for well over a century. It’s an adage Read More

#ShineYourLight – Samuel Johns

#ShineYourLight - Samuel Johns

Alaska Native Samuel Johns first became involved with the homeless community in Anchorage when he would drum and sing at Bean’s Cafe, but he quickly became busy with other responsibilities Read More

#ShineYourLight – Adam Legg

#ShineYourLight - Adam Legg

Adam Legg grew up like many of us, thinking to himself, “There are injustices in other places, but not here where I live.” Unknown to Adam, who lives in Anchorage, Read More

#ShineYourLight – Eddie P.

#ShineYourLight - Eddie P.

Eddie Parker, better known as “Eddie P.” is a long-time veteran of Alaska radio and TV. Eddie P. is on KFAT Live (with Lugnut and Eddie P.) in the mornings, Read More

#ShineYourLight – Chris Pruitt

#ShineYourLight - Chris Pruitt

Chris Pruitt has a proven, systematic approach to helping the homeless in Anchorage. Every week, Chris makes posts to his personal Facebook page…”I need 28 travel toothpaste, and 28 toothbrushes, Read More

#ShineYourLight – Amie Haakenson

#ShineYourLight - Amie Haakenson

Have you ever met someone and thought, “Wow, I want to be her when I grow up?” Our interview with Amie Haakenson was one of those moments. Amie volunteers (heavily) Read More

Facebook Ads Manager: What to Look for and How to Make It Work

Facebook Ads Manager: What to Look for and How to Make It Work

This week, we shared a video to our Facebook page about the elements of a successful Facebook ads campaign. This blog is a further breakdown of the metrics and best Read More

#ShineYourLight – Paula Bradison

#ShineYourLight - Paula Bradison

Victims for Justice was established in 1985 following a horrible crime in the Anchorage community—the murder of Janice Lienhart and Sharon Nahorney’s parents and their aunt. Neither Janice nor Sharon Read More

#ShineYourLight – George Martinez Jr.

#ShineYourLight - George Martinez Jr.

George Martinez Jr. has been a lifelong community organizer, educator and social entrepreneur. When former Minority Leader of the Alaska House of Representatives, Ethan Berkowitz ran for Mayor in 2015, Read More