Our Team

Adrienne Wilkerson 

Co-Founder + President + Creative Director

La Presidenta! Adrienne started this crazy endeavor when she founded Beacon Publishing & Design in 2001 as a Branding Specialist and Graphic Designer. A combination of scrappiness, common sense (and sometimes the very necessary lack thereof), and strategic mentorships helped establish her as an award-winning branding expert and strategic planner, as well as an accomplished manager.

Adrienne’s expert eye for visual design makes her an authority when it comes to branding, graphic work, and a whole lot more. Though she likely won’t boast about them, Adrienne has racked up numerous awards, including Woman of the Year (National Association of Professional Women), Marketing Visionary of the Year (American Marketing Association of Alaska), and a spot in the Top 40 Under Forty (Alaska Journal of Commerce). She’s also served as a founding board member for various local nonprofits.

Teaching is a top passion of hers, and she speaks on a local and national level. Through Beacon Digital University, which she formed in 2013, she and VP Jennifer Christensen provide detailed instruction on how to use the digital marketing tools so integral to marketing in today rapidly changing world.


Jennifer ChristensenJennifer Christensen

Co-Founder + Vice President of Marketing

We call her “Sparkle Queen,” but her work is anything but fluff. Over the years, Jennifer has accrued over 20 years of award-winning sales and marketing expertise. As our chief marketing brain, she assists companies in developing, creating, and implementing their online marketing strategies.

In 2012, Jennifer joined forces with Adrienne Wilkerson of Beacon Publishing & Design to form Beacon Media + Marketing. Her comprehensive knowledge includes all aspects of social media, web, email, online advertising, and media buying plans. Jennifer is passionate about exceptional service and staying ahead of the ever-changing trends in Inbound Marketing, and her contagious positive energy permeates through our offices every single day.

Jennifer has a Master’s Certificate in Online Marketing and Social Media from the University of San Francisco. She is the first Alaskan to be Inbound Marketing Certified. Alongside Adrienne, she was jointly recognized as the Marketing Visionary of the Year by the American Marketing Association of Alaska, in addition, she was named Marketer of the Year by AMA Alaska. Jennifer is fulfilled by serving her community at large and uplifting women in business. She is the Director of Women Entrepreneurs of Alaska.



Vice President of Operations + Website Development Manager

Rob does what very few backend developers can do: manage people, emotions, and logistics with one hand while producing website magic with the other. Remember those 80’s metal keyboardists with 6 keyboards and only 2 hands? That’s Rob, but with a computer. He knows how to get the most out of us AND technology.

Rob’s career began as an IT specialist for the Alaska Travel Industry Association (ATIA). As its Website Developer, he redeveloped the site to accommodate more ease of use and efficiency while maintaining optimized search engine placement. After his digital heroism at ATIA, he then ventured into starting his own business before crossing paths with Beacon.

Ironically, and to our extreme delight, Rob brings with him a steadfast hatred for traditional marketing and unappealing web development/design. In other words, he’s over the old ways of doing things. He relishes the opportunity to construct websites that strike a perfect balance of form and function. His secrets? Healthy doses of loyalty, honesty, and courage.

Rob is a lifelong Alaskan who enjoys hiking, camping – and web programming for the sheer fun of it.



Vice President of Finances





Account Coordinator

Jess started out with a career in the hospitality/service industry, in search of stability she found accounting, that industry frowns on creativity though so after a stint as a sign designer, she found the perfect home at Beacon where it’s her job to ‘calm the chaos’ with her combo of Account Coordination and Accounting, with a side of creativity and tagline creation thrown in for good measure.

Jess’ family has lived all over the country and she’s been to all the states, except one. Ask her which one! Twenty years ago, Jess came to Alaska “for the summer” and never looked back. Later she met an Alaska Boy while they were both on vacation in the Caribbean. That “Alaska Boy” is Beacon’s own VP of Operations, Rob Muller! They’ve been married and living happily-ever-after in Anchorage for almost 11 years. They stay busy with 11 nieces, 4 nephews, 2 pups, a cat and a B&B that they run in their spare-time.
Jess brings logic, stability and a side of sass to the great nebulous of creativity in our offices. There are no awards for the work she does but we sure appreciate it!



Inbound Project Manager + Web Developer

As our Web Developer, Courtney loves killing two birds with one stone – but only figuratively: her website builds combine aesthetic beauty with the beauty of HTML/CSS. They’re sleek, streamlined, pretty, and promising. It’s all part of her ongoing battle against the ever-present threat of bad web designs.

Courtney’s strengths include her meticulous attention to detail (seriously, even our internal memes are subject to approval), and her ever-expanding knowledge of cutting-edge design. Courtney considers herself a lifelong learner and is constantly looking for ways to improve the customer experience through stellar user interface design practices.

Oh yeah, and her stuff just flat-out WINS. Courtney’s projects have earned the following awards: Best Logo Design (American Marketing Association of Alaska); Runner-Up, Best Logo Design (American Marketing Association of Alaska); Three Commendations for Best Website Design (American Marketing Association of Alaska).



Graphic & Web Designer

Ricky is our lead graphic designer, and he also lends his considerable talent to designing websites. Need an epic logo with pop appeal? We’ve got Ricky. Need a sweet video background for your website? We’ve got Ricky.

His knack for creative problem solving helps Ricky balance an artistic eye with marketing sense. That balance helps him produce branding that is unique, creative, and versatile. His designs have won numerous awards from the American Marketing Association’s Alaska Chapter.

A long time Alaskan, Ricky’s creative bent extends beyond design into music. He often performs with his local band, Harper’s Farce.




Video + Photography Coordinator 

Sarah’s talents allow us to keep all our creative energy in-house and on target. In her role, Sarah captures a client’s awesomeness for all to see and love. She knows what makes for engaging content, and what is suspect to fall into the dark world of “meh.” Her bright personality is guaranteed to melt even the coldest brands. Think you don’t have much to show? Don’t tell her that…

Video is one of – if not the most – digestible forms of digital media, and Sarah’s work is utilized on a wide variety of platforms, from social media to websites. She understands all of the various aspects of the video and photography process and can see the project from start to finish. She is invaluable in brainstorming and storyboarding sessions. She applies her expertise to all video formats but specializes in short-to-medium formats.

Sarah holds an IC3 Certification and loves the ever-evolving world of digital photography and video. She attended the College of Art and Design at Columbus State University.