What happens when you turn loose a small herd of high-energy, coffee-fueled creatives on your precious, sacred brand? You win, of course.

Beacon Media + Marketing is an Alaska-based digital marketing agency that focuses on finding not just any solutions, but the right ones. Too many times, we’ve seen owners of small-to-medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs become disillusioned and disenfranchised when it comes to marketing solutions.

We choose to do things differently – and do them right.

How do we do it? It’s all about the online experience. It’s not enough to boast “Oh yeah, I’ve got Google AdWords,” or “We have a Facebook page, and we post something once a week.” How deep are you digging? Do you know how to entice, deliver, and delight?

At Beacon, we cover the entire spectrum: from eye-popping graphic design to award-winning web development, from inbound marketing % PPC to strategic brand analysis. We know what it takes to get clicks, leads, engagement, and conversions. If your business is prepared to take it to the next level, it’s time we link up.

Fair warning, our collaborative process isn’t for everyone. We like to dig, and we want you to dig with us. It used to be that the agency-client dynamic was, for the most part, pretty passive: “Here’s my brand, make something awesome. M‘kay, thanks, bye…” We’re open enough to admit that kind of thing isn’t at our pace.

Ready to see the light?

Use this checklist to see if we can (or better yet, should) help your brand shine. As an owner, do you…

  • Feel passionate about your business, yet humble enough to explore its strengths and weaknesses? Are you authentic enough to highlight its best assets?
  • Get excited about diving into the digital ocean because you understand it’s a marketing necessity?
  • Want to devote enough of your budget towards marketing that isn’t just “better-than-average,” but BETTER-THAN-MOST?
  • Like to drop the politics, get down to brass tacks and take care of business?
  • Feel ready to trust our expertise just as much as we trust your own?
  • Hope to maintain a channel of consistent, substantial communication?
  • Expect results (because everyone should), and immerse yourself in the process of achieving them?

If you answered a resounding “YES!” to all of the above, we’d love to get started.