4 Social Media Trends To Get on Board With

Meghan Naatz July 13, 2015

Social media is an ever-changing entity that requires a lot of attention to keep up with. According to Statista, 73% of Americans have some sort of social network profile. Though it may be tough to stay on top of, social media is a crucial component to your companies’ success.

Mobile Usage:

As technologies advance, people want things faster. Why go all the way to your computer to look something up, when you can do it from your phone or tablet? And now that more websites and apps are implementing a buying option and there are increased developments of mobile wallets, mobile purchases are becoming more popular as well. To step up your game of mobile usage, be sure your company and its social media/website presence is mobile friendly.


With our world becoming more mobile, people are constantly sharing and conversing about products and companies. This person just bought this shirt from this company – posts on Instagram and tags said company. This person just ate at this new restaurant in town – checks in on Facebook, and so on. People are talking and it is important that you join in. Pay attention to your audience.

Promoted tweets and posts:

With recent changes on several social media sites, there are now opportunities to promote your posts. With this new development, organic posts are no longer gaining the attention necessary. This option does cost money, so use it carefully.

Visual content:

Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and Slideshare are becoming increasingly more popular. And I’m sure by the time this blog is done there will be many more visual content apps and websites in the making. We, as humans, enjoy visually appealing things. Tell me you don’t like infographics – I won’t believe you! It is easier to process information through visuals. If I see a photo of you on top of a mountain, I can fill in the blanks and infer that you just hiked that mountain – GO YOU! Visual content is probably the trickiest of these trends to get right. For extra tips and information on visual content, check out our post about it.


Meghan Naatz, mnaatz

Meghan is new to the world of marketing, but she's not letting that slow her down - her love of learning helps too! She is a student at the University of South Florida, and works with Beacon to develop engaging content for our clients. In her spare time you can catch her exploring Alaska and/or Florida (depending on where she's at at the time), chihuahua in tow. She loves art and spending hours at a time on Pinterest.